Why do I need pool fencing?

Drowning is the most common cause of preventable deaths for Australian children under the age of five, and strict laws have been in place since 1991 to avoid these tragic accidents.

Whilst these laws have seen a decrease in drowning incidents, The BCA Code and Australian standards have felt that greater safety rules are required to safeguard our precious children. As a result, the Australian Standard for pool fencing was updated in 2012, and our children are safer for it.

Pool fencing regulations are constantly being revised in order to keep children safe and help prevent unnecessary accidents /drowning in back yard pools around Australia. There is a misconception that pool fencing is expensive and unattractive but a pool fence can be attractive and be a highlight feature to your back yard as well as a safety barrier to your pool.

What are the legal requirements for pool fencing in WA?

Pool fencing requirements differ from state to state, although there are some basic pool fence laws that all states must follow according to the Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012. Pool fencing is defined as a barrier that restricts access by young children to a swimming pool and spa pools over 300mm deep, in addition, a pool fence must:

  • Be a permanent structure
  • Be at least 1.2 metres high as measured from ground height outside of the fence enclosure
  • Not have any gaps between vertical members of the fence exceeding 100mm
  • Have a ‘non-climbable zone’ of at least 900mm in height and radius
  • Gates must be self-closing and swing away from the pool
  • Gate latches must be mounted to the pool gate at the required height 1.500 metres from the finished floor level.


Other sections of the Australian standard go into further details with regard to allowable openings in other types of fencing materials. All hinges must be self-closing on gates and all latches must be self-latching. These requirements are designed to prevent children from gaining access to swimming pools without an adult present.

In WA, the Department of Commerce mandates that pool fencing MUST comply with the Australian Standard. You can read more about meeting the Standard here.

What are your pool fencing options?

Pool fencing can be a visually appealing addition to highlight your pool area and add a personalised touch to your backyard. Pool fencing materials vary, though must still be made of durable materials such as PVC, tubular steel, aluminium or glass.

Balustrade Design has a range of quality pool fencing materials and designs made from aluminium stainless steel and glass to suit your needs. Our Federation Pool Fence is a sturdy, aluminium picket option that’s low maintenance and budget-friendly. Our Modern Pool Fence and Waterford Pool Fence are aluminium & glass options and come in a range of colours with a choice of top rail from our standard handrail options.  Our Oceanbreeze Pool Fence design is a frameless glass and stainless steel spigot fence which offers an unobtrusive  view to your swimming pool or Spa. Pool fences are a legal requirement and give you the peace of mind that you have a safety barrier to prevent a child from the dangers of water and prevent accidents.


Whilst it is possible to mount and install pool fencing yourself, we would always recommend talking to a professional. Safety is no joke, and the laws around pool fencing need to be followed, if not followed correctly, it can lead to hefty fines and it is a serious offence. 

At Balustrade Design, not only do we stock and sell pool fences, but our experienced and friendly team can also work with you to install your pool fence. All pool fences installed by us are fully compliant so to meet the legal requirements of pool fencing in WA, whilst also adding a special touch to your pool area. To learn more, you can contact us.

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