A statement staircase is where form meets function. Whether you’re renovating or building a two-storey home, feature stairs are a chance to showcase your design tastes and do it in style with the right stair balustrade. Read below for some inspiration for taking your staircase to the next level.

Design rules and legal requirements for stairs in WA

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets the minimum standard for stair construction. Your builder will be able to determine the dimensions for the riser (the vertical space between each tread) and the going (the horizontal bit your foot will rest on). The BCA limits the number of consecutive treads (risers) to 18, beyond which, a landing is required. There are also specifications around the height of the balustrade and the pitch of the stairs. All measurements should be taken after floor coverings are fitted.

Straight, L-shaped, U-shaped or curved?

The shape of your staircase will largely depend on the rest of the home. A straight staircase is ideal where space is at a premium, such as in an entry hallway. An L-shaped design might fit well as a larger room, such as the corner of a living room. A U-shaped staircase takes up the most space, but is also the safest for families, the elderly and children, as they have a large landing between the two flights. Spiral staircases are incredibly compact, and fit well in a modern-industrial style design, but carry more risk for people using them. They can also make moving furniture up and down near impossible!

Should I choose a concrete, metal or wooden staircase?

The materials selected for your staircase should take design cues from the rest of the home. Timber provides warmth and visual appeal, but can be loud or become creaky in time. Aggregated concrete stairs can offer some slip resistance and mixed to match the colour scheme of your interior design. Metal and glass is probably the most expensive option of the three, but offers a long-lasting, timeless appeal. All these options can be complemented by a metal, wood or glass balustrade.

Tread safely: Do I need to put carpet on my stairs

In a home with small children or older people, it may be worth considering a soft tread covering for your stairs. Carpeting has the additional benefit of deadening noise on the stairs and between levels and can offer a clear visual cue to the user. Alternatively, roughened edge markings or beveled tiles can help reduce the potential slip factor.

Utilise your space

Open or closed? That’s your first choice. Open risers allow light and breeze through to create a visually pleasing repeating geometric pattern – however, they can also be a trip hazard. Closed risers allow for the underside of the staircase to be used as storage, a place for a bike, coats, linen or the home’s cleaning and maintenance products. Talk to your builder or a cabinetmaker about customising clever draw and storage designs.

Popular styles of staircase balustrades and railings

Hamptons Balustrade

When there’s no need for complicated design with ornate features, a Hamptons balustrade offers a simple, symmetrical and clean look. 

Contemporary Balustrade

Sophisticated yet elegant, a modern balustrade effortlessly makes a bold impression with square stanchions and toughened glass infill.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Designed with a fixed handrail, a frameless glass balustrade brings a modern touch to any staircase or mezzanine, which also looks perfect around the pool.

Nautical Balustrade

Hold on a breath in that sea breeze, with a design modelled after the balustrading on luxury modern cruise ships.

Wired Balustrade

Lightweight but strong, a stainless steel wireview balustrade design means you won’t have to compromise the views, whether it’s used indoors or outside.

Colonial Balustrade

With square stanchions and a square picket infill, the colonial design in aluminium fits well with pre-war homes.

Decorative Balustrade

Exemplified in our Juliette balustrade, curves and curled scrolls add a flow to the function of this staircase safety railing.


Browse our full range of balustrading online, or call us about custom options for your staircase.

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