Gone are the days of the simple white timber picket fence. Homeowners are seeking modern, more durable fencing options to protect their home and add to the street appeal. In this blog, we cover the benefits of installing fencing and compare the most common fencing materials.

Why install home fencing?

There are many benefits to having fencing around your home. One of the primary benefits is securing your property: operating as a criminal deterrent and providing a greater sense of safety. Fence gates can have locks added too, to provide additional security.

The right fencing can also enhance the appearance of your property, adding to the street appeal. So when looking at fencing options, think about the look and style of your home, to ensure that the fencing material, colour and design work cohesively with the facade.

What’s more, fencing can help create a sense of privacy and seclusion from the outside world. If privacy is your priority, then fencing with wider slats positioned closer together, such as our Woodview Fencing or Garden Fencing, will provide more privacy than standard open fencing.

What are the most popular fencing material options?

The most common house fencing materials in Australia are aluminium, stainless steel and wrought iron. All offer their pros and cons, so let’s cover them off so you can make an informed choice.

Aluminium fencing

Aluminium fencing is one of our favourite materials to work with when it comes to designing and manufacturing bespoke fencing due to the variety of designs and colours it can be adapted to. The material also offers a lightweight, but strong and durable fencing material that is rust-free, and thus low maintenance. The powdercoat finish comes in a variety of colour to enhance the look of your fence.

Stainless steel fencing

Stainless steel provides a strong, corrosion-resistant material for home fencing, thus providing a hard-to-break barrier between your home and the outside. Stainless steel fencing, however, is a higher-end option as it can be more expensive than aluminium and other materials.

Wrought iron fencing

Wrought iron fencing is the perfect choice for those looking for a traditional style, with strength. This type of fencing can have a great decorative effect and is synonymous with elaborate and ornate designs. Wrought iron can be a more expensive material, however, and could be prone to rust.

Fence installation: Should I DIY or have the professionals do it?

Once you have decided upon the fencing material, it’s time to decide how it will be installed. Whilst some do a DIY job and install it themselves. There are benefits to getting it done by the professionals.

Hiring a professional fencing company will ensure the product is suitable for your needs and your property, and that it is measured and installed properly. An experienced fencing company, such as Balustrade Design, can also design, build and install your fencing, giving you the peace of mind that the job is done right.

Balustrade Design: Bespoke fencing for WA homes

Balustrade Design is a family-owned and operated balustrade business. We use a range of materials in the manufacture of our fencing solutions: aluminium for fence infills, glass for pool fences and stainless steel for high-end fencing.

We stock, sell and install a wide range of quality aluminium, glass and stainless steel fencing. Browse our full range of fences online, or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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